Dallas Housing Authority, Dallas, GA

This project was a total remodel and upgrade to the exteriors of 17 buildings. It was part of The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act as well as The Buy America Act requiring all materials and labor to be American.

We contracted to supply materials and labor for the installation of 68,400 sq ft of metal roofing, 1480 sq ft of vinyl cedar shake siding, 2556 ft of vinyl soffit and fascia as well as 6147 ft of new six inch gutters and downspouts.

Before After

Keeneland Farms Apartments, Smyrna, GA

This property had water leaks on a large portion of the bay windows on site because the metal did not extend past the edge of the windows as it should. It also had approximately twenty buildings where water had leaked and rotted the fascia boards behind the gutters causing them to pull away from the buildings.

We recently completed the replacement of 110 standing seam metal bay tops, 1788 feet of six inch gutter and 405 feet of rotten 1 X 6 fascias.

The Park at Briarcliff, Atlanta, GA

This property had downspouts that were in good condition but needed all new gutters and a large amount of fascia replacement. Concrete splash blocks were then placed at the bottom of each downspout.

We replaced 21,409 feet of six inch gutters, 860 feet of rotten 1 X 8 fascias and 263 concrete splash blocks.

Merritt at Sugarloaf, Duluth, GA

The existing gutter system on this property was in good condition but was improperly pitched. New gutters also needed to be added above all the breezeways. The roof water was falling 30-40 feet and blowing back against the stucco walls causing rot. The existing downspouts also needed to be extended away from the foundations of the buildings.

We corrected the pitch on 10,540 feet of existing gutters and installed 6050 feet of new five inch gutters to match the existing.

Wynfield Trace Apartments, Norcross, GA

This property needed all the gutters upgraded to six inch, the downspouts were in good shape.

We replaced 8361 feet of gutters and 870 feet of rotten 1 X 6 fascias leaving the existing downspouts in place.

Galleria Courtyards, Smyrna, GA

This property had two phases. Phase one needed all the gutter replaced with new six inch, the downspouts were in good condition. Phase two had six inch gutters that were in good condition but improperly pitched.

We replaced 5866 feet of six inch gutters and corrected the pitch on 4800 feet of existing gutters.

Choctaw County Schools, Butler & Gilbertown, AL

These four schools had no gutter or downspout included when built new in 2005. We were contracted to install 8398 feet of new six inch gutters, 4740 feet of new four inch square downspout in 24 gauge painted steel. We also supplied and placed 304 concrete splash blocks under each downspout.

Southlake Nursing & Rehabilitation, Merrillville, IN

This property had no gutters originally which in turn caused a large portion of the 3 foot T-111 plywood fascia area to rot. We were contracted to replace and paint all the rotten wood around the entire perimeter of the building and then installed new six inch gutters, downspouts and splash blocks. With this job located in the northern portion of Indiana the scope also called for expansion joints installed in the gutter every 40 feet.

We replaced and painted 6754 square feet (152 sheets) of T-111 plywood, 4695 feet of gutters and downspouts and 103 concrete splash blocks.